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We are always looking out for new movies that we have not watched before, but what can you do once you have watched all your preferred ones on streaming services? Turn to free streaming sites! They charge nothing for you to use and have almost all the titles there are to exist.

However, there are innumerable streaming sites available to you and not all of them are worth your time. Several of them are just a hoax with only thumbnails or movies of poor quality. Therefore, we have put together a list for you of only the best streaming sites that you can use without worrying about any malicious content or virus attacking the system.

Before you begin knowing about these amazing streaming sites, let us take a detour and highlight something of great importance when it comes to streaming. A reliable internet connection is a key requirement for ensuring your smooth experience. In the case that you do not already have optimal net coverage, a noteworthy option you have is turning to CenturyLink and subscribing to any internet plan that suits your household needs. The brand offers quality services at very reasonable CenturyLink prices. Once you have stable internet connectivity, you can make the most out of these streaming sites and watch whatever you want without paying a dime!

1.     Crackle

Best Sites for Streaming Movies

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Crackle is leading the list of the best streaming sites and all thanks to its expansive library. No matter what you want to watch, or how recent, Crackle will not disappoint you. This 10-year-old site offers you entire films, however several of these might come with some ads, but it is for free so we can let that slide.

It only gets better. Despite being free, it lets you set parental controls on the content. You just need to make an account and you are good to go.

Apart from all the movies, Crackle also has original content that makes it unique and worth the while. So if you decide to stream on Crackle, then do not forget to miss out on its original titles.

2.     Vudu

Best Sites for Streaming Movies

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Vudu surely made its way as one of the best streaming sites available. Instead of concentrating on a particular niche, Vudu’s library is made up entirely of mainstream entertainment. With more than 10,000 titles available for you to watch, it surely takes the cake. From the latest releases to old-time classics, you can find it all here.

You can easily sort your favorite content by the date of release, or the genre.

However, the streaming site does lack some original content and only has a sub-par interface, but with the wide range of available titles, this surely can be overlooked.

3.     Popcornflix

Best Sites for Streaming Movies

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Popcornflix is another well-known brand in the realm of online movie streaming. This site brings you tons of movies to watch and has it all in store for you. Whether you want to watch both recent high-quality titles or the old-time’s best; it has it all.

While using this streaming site, you do not need any account or a sign-up, it is all available to you with just one click. You can get all your favorite genres such as horror, comedy, romance, or web originals.

4.     Peacock TV

Best sites for streaming movies

Best sites for streaming movies

Peacock TV has an extensive content library that makes it one of the best streaming sites. Not only does it feature all cinematic or streaming releases, but it also has got exclusive content that you cannot find anywhere else.

It is also available for download on your iOS, and Android devices, Fire TV, Roku, and several other platforms, or you can simply use the web version without any hassle.

5.     Yidio

Best sites for streaming movies

Best sites for streaming movies – Best sites for streaming movies

Yidio is slightly different than all other streaming websites. This streaming site gathers all the information from all the other streaming sites and informs you where you can stream the title.

There are several titles available on the site on their own; however, you might have to pay a one-time charge for a few titles, whereas others can be free of cost. In case the title is available on the other streaming site, it will simply guide you there once you click on it.

6.     Pluto TV

Best sites for streaming movies

Best sites for streaming movies

Pluto TV secures its spot in the list of the best streaming sites with on-demand content and also the ease of watching live TV. And the best thing of all? You don’t even need a mere account to access anything. It is simply available at your disposal.

You can search for movies using the actors, genres, and titles as criteria. The movies are all latest to the older titles.


It’s a wrap for our top 6 picks for the best streaming sites available to you. They are safe and good for you to use. None of these are illegal so it makes it easier and ethical for you to access them as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Start streaming your favorite shows and movies now for free!

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