Accuse Amazon of “fail” to customers before the step of Irma


amazon- Accuse Amazon of "fail" to customers before the step of Irma
Maya Kogul was in California when he learned that the hurricane Irma sewed to Florida and knew that when she returned to the sunshine state, where it resides, would not find the basic supplies I would need to spend the cyclone. Therefore, purchased water in-line. I hope and waited, the water never came.

And she is not the only because at least 50 people told the Associated Press that they had not received flashlights, radios, battery, milk powder, water and first aid kits purchased through Amazon and the distributor of Nestlé, Ready to Refresh.
Amanda Ip, spokeswoman for Amazon, said that the deliveries had suffered a retrado by the conditions of the time. For its part, ReadyRefresh released an apology on Twitter for interruptions of service and delays in deliveries.

“It was frustrating to have to run at the last minute,” said Kogul, of 31 years and mother of a little girl of 2. “At the time of deliver as we were on evacuation order. For the moment that I knew I would not receive the shipment, it was already Thursday night. I did not know that they were not going to get,” he said.

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Several customers said that the online merchants they were wrong at the worst possible moment, and even before that time, deteriorate. Indicated that it was the sabbath, when they received notifications of cancellations right after the evacuations began and already be empty and the supermarkets. Many had placed their orders as early as Monday.

Others said that their packages had arrived to Miami but were stuck in a sorting system for days, or delayed by problems with the delivery companies.

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A lot of the customers who spoke with AP said that Amazon directed UPS to their claims. The company said in a statement that its facilities have ceased their operations once came the evacuation orders, delaying orders that were already in route for delivery Thursday and Friday. Jennifer Cook, spokeswoman for UPS, said the company will provide, without cost, the sending of these packages to other addresses outside of the evacuation zones.

The office of the Florida attorney general was unable to determine if the delays were general, but indicated that they have received more than 8,000 complaints about increases in prices on the eve of the passage of the hurricane.

The most loyal customers of Amazon say that you can understand that the high volume of orders received may have become impossible deliveries, especially in areas evicted. Others, think that they should have been swiss about the possibility of honoring the shipments.